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“Serious Marlin Fishing”

A friend of mine who lives in Bermuda gave me the names of several marlin fishing charter boats. I called two, and Reel Addiction had the best customer service – and as it turned out, the best fishing experience.

My son and I booked a half day trip (4 hours), and we caught two blue marlin within the first three hours, which was astonishing! The captain estimated that each fish weighed about 325 lbs. It’s possible that we could have caught additional marlin, but we were so worn out from reeling in the two that we quit early. Other fishing boats in the area apparently caught nothing that morning. Also, two days later Reel Addiction was in a fishing tournament and I went down to the dock in Hamilton to see a 562 lb. blue marlin that the boat had landed that day.

The day we were fishing apparently had perfect marlin fishing conditions: very warm with calm waters. Also, some people believe that a full moon helps and there was a full moon that night. And while that all sounds well and good, the fact that we caught two huge fish in three hours when none of the other charters were having any luck, and that Reel Addiction landed an enormous fish two days later, speaks volumes of the captain and his skills.

So suffice it to say, you definitely want to book Reel Addiction if you are interested in catching some serious fish in Bermuda!

– FrequentTraveler003
Louisville, Kentucky

“Full day fishing”

We went for full day fishing what a great trip. We caught 6 wahoos and 1 barracuda. From 20-60 lbs. capt and mate were on their toes very professional stickler for details on rigging bait. We will be back next time we are in Bermuda. Don’t miss a chance to fish with these guys.we came on a cruise ship they picked us up right at the ship. Thanks guys for great day!!!

Visited May 2016

– Darrin N

“Fishing Trip of a Lifetime”

We went fishing with Capt. Curly and everything was great. It was easy making the arrangements and the fishing was awesome. My son and I each caught a Blue Marlin so we each have a fish story.

Thank you!

– theDenny
Charlotte, North Carolina

“Are you a REEL saltwater fisherman?”

I first met Capt. Curly in Bermuda in 1993. At the time I was living and working in Bermuda and a work colleague asked me if I was interested in going fishing with his friend who was a commercial fisherman. A little while into our trip we hooked and I landed a 55lb yellow fin tuna…and I’ve been hooked on saltwater fishing every since that day. There were many more fantastically successful trips with Curly over the next 7 years while I lived there. The locals will tell you that as long as the fish are biting, “Curly always finds the fish”. He knows these waters like very few other Bermudians, and simply put, he is one of the very best fishermen on the island. Curly has a great sense of humor, but when it comes to fishing, he takes it very seriously. He’s not afraid to try different tactics, different presentations, positioning, whatever it takes…you will see Curly and his mate are constantly working to find the right combination on each trip. If the fish are biting at all, he will find them for you.

I will outline now a trip my wife and I took in April of 2012. It was April 18th, and the wahoo season was just barely starting in Bermuda with a few caught in the previous days. We trolled the inshore waters then turned towards the offshore banks. It wasn’t long before the furthest back rig started screaming with the line ripping off the reel. My guess is I’ve landed well over 100 wahoo in Bermuda, but this one was clearly different. I prefer to stand while fishing these fish, but Curly told me this one was headed for the USA so I might as well sit down in the chair. After several line peeling runs, and some hard work, the fish was finally close enough for the captain to see from the tower and when I looked back and up to him, I saw the biggest smile on his face…we both knew this was a big one. Curly asked the mate to step aside as he came downstairs and with one jab of the gaff, and the help of the mate, we pulled this sea monster into the boat…the rush was incredible as two of us struggled with the weight to get the fish into the boat. Turns out this wahoo weighed 75 lbs and was just under 6 feet from tip to tail. That’s a big ‘hoo my fishing friends! We went on that day to catch 6 more wahoo, the largest other ones were 55 lbs and two others well into the 40lb class. On the way back to port we also hooked and lost a huge grouper over the reefs too.

Fish with Reel Addiction and enjoy the beauty of Bermuda, the warmness of its people, and you may just have the fishing trip of a lifetime to boot! BTW that 75lb wahoo is now on display over my fireplace. For me it is a proud reminder of one of the best experiences that life has to offer any serious angler.

Thanks Curly!

– Marlin199
Burlington, Canada

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